Lori Harvey In Bikini Relaxes In The Bahamas

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Lori Harvey is living it up in the Bahamas with these new snaps. The model’s boyfriend Michael B. Jordan recently shared a video showing their time on the Island on her birthday. Now Lori’s posting some follow-ups flaunting her sunkissed caramel skin.

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Sin-Kissed Beauty

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In the first picture, the 25-year-old Michael Kors ambassador sits on a white yacht lounge in a turtle neck Chanel crop top with a black line on the sides and sleeves. She leans slightly backward with her left hand on the chair while looking out to the ocean. Lori stretches her right leg and hikes the left one on her tippy toes, catching the sunlight on her skin. True to her Island girl theme, she ties a blue and white print scarf over her curly black hair and adorns her ears with bold hoop earrings.

A Sea Of Blue And White

Lori Harvey | Instagram

Lori moves her photo shoot to a white lounge couch of blue and white colors matching the yacht, sea, and deck pool. She leans once more against the multiple blue and white throw pillows on her couch. She pulls her knees to her stomach as she rests the heels of her feet on the hot tub’s edge then beams at the camera. The light reflection on her skin lightened her legs, so some fans falsely assumed she had bleached her skin.

A Vision In Chanel

Lori Harvey | Instagram

As though anticipating troll’s backlash, Lori posts a timestamped mirror selfie in the same outfit showing her very chocolate skin in all its glory. She brandishes her scarf like a tote, flaunting her gold body and waist chain sitting beautifully on her toned abs and nude string panties.

She also includes a GIF showing herself sitting on the tub’s edge while sipping from a rose gold cup. Lori cools her legs in the blue water after a successful shoot under the burning sunlight.

…And Scene

Lori Harvey | Instagram

The final picture shows Lori’s sunkissed skin at a clearer angle. She leans on the pool lounge seater hiking her right leg to display her thick thighs and flat tummy. The Chanel print scarf is back on her head, alongside her gold accessories – Body Chain, Bracelet, Hoop Earrings, and Lori Harvey is the epitome of island beauty.

She closes her eyes to soak up the sun and enjoy the serenity of the deep blue Bahamas sea. You can almost feel the peace of mind through the screen as the blue skies add the perfect aesthetics to a style goddess’ picture.