Arabella Chi Is ‘In Her Element’ In Bikini

Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage


Love Island alum Arabella Chi turns up the heat in her latest Instagram post. The 30-year-old model sunbaths on a lunge seat in Mexico as she flaunts her board-flat abs in a two-piece black bikini.

The bathing suit had gold link chains on the straps adding flare to the nameplate necklace she wore. Ari posed in multiple positions showing fans that every angle is her best side.

Check out the sexy snaps below.

In Her Element

Arabella Chi | Instagram

Arabella arches her back in a dangerously sexy pose as she lounges on a white pool seat. Her high-waist pant highlights her curves with a slight crease in her pelvic region. She wears dark sunshades to complete the “Hollywood wife” aesthetic.

She holds her bleached blonde hair in a ponytail flaunting a hairless armpit and elbow tattoo in the next post. She also serves face as she slightly parts her lips, adding extra pizzazz to the already sizzling picture. She angles her head to the right in another slide, showing off a slender neck.

Beach Bum In Mexico

Arabella Chi | Instagram

Arabella has had a very exciting week in Cancún, and she’s shared every moment with her faithful followers. The model had so much fun flaunting her bikini body in Mexico she called the location “paradise.”

First, she captioned a pose “Tropical Paradise,” then another “Waking up another day in paradise.” On one of her days out, Arabella welcomed a special friend Kady McDermott (another Love Island alum).

Therapy Advice

Arabella Chi | Instagram

“Yoga with a view is the best kind of therapy,” says Arabella Chi in an ad for Super Dry. The model posted up in a black and white patterned yoga legging and bra top set. The two-piece outfit had red bands with the brand’s name written around multiply.

Her stunning physique caused some chatter online, but not for its super-toned look. Fans addressed the photoshop Arabella used to enlarge her bum. If you zoom in on her butt, you’ll notice a slight curve on the wall behind the model. The curve isn’t present in the cover photo, confirming speculations of photo enhancement.

Back To Business

Arabella Chi | Instagram

Arabella works under Elite Models’ management, booking gigs while keeping her personal life below the radar. She’s modeled for BooHooMan London, FashionNova, PrettyLittleThing, I Saw It First, Nova Intimates, and many more brands.

Although there aren’t yet any household names, the partnership with Elite models may catapult her to mainstream success in her repertoire. She has the goods, it’s just a question of making the right connections, and we may very well have the next Top Model on our hands.