Farrah Abraham In Bikini Indulges In Floating Breakfast

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If it’s one thing Farrah Abraham knows how to do, it’s to enjoy. The teen mom star doesn’t like stress or anything that’ll disturb her baby girl life, and she’s teaching her daughter, ­Sophia, to enjoy the finest things of life as well.

During the reality TV star’s summer vacation last year, she flaunted her perfectly sculpted body while eating a grand breakfast in the most Summer-y way. The floating tray had us salivating and longing for the warm season to return once more.

Sexy Mama

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The 30-year-old mother flaunted her goods in a barely-there gold bikini. The skimpy bathing suit hugged her curves as she strutted around the pool, giving fans an impromptu fashion show. Abraham’s vacation came shortly after opening up about her insecurities post-plastic surgery. It was great to see the teen mom back in her confident glow after a while.

Abraham sure felt fancy in her new body as she captioned her post, “FANCY LIKE… @sophialabraham.” She then added a bunch of hashtags relating to her present mood, “#Vacation, #Travel, #Fancy, #Fancylike, #Citygirls, #Countrygirl, #Teenmom, #Momanddaughter, #Selfmade.” Phew! That was a mouthful, but if Abraham’s feeling it, so are we.

The Floating Tray

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Abraham’s breakfast tray had everything you could think of for a morning meal. There were waffles, whipped cream, avocados, sausages, and more on the floating white tray.

While Sophia ate her fill of whipped cream topped waffles, her mother lounged by the pool, taking in the sight of her mini-me enjoying herself. She must’ve felt proud seeing her baby enjoy the finer things of life with her, hence her caption “Fancy like Sophia.”

Summer Is Over

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Since her summer vacation, Farrah is back in the news, and this time it’s not FANCY. The teen mom got into a scuffle with an unknown victim who alleges Abraham inflicted injuries on her a few days ago at a club. The club staff allegedly asked the reality TV star to leave due to her unruly behavior, but she reacted defiantly and struck one of the security guards. They, in turn, held her in a Citizen’s Arrest then called the police.

Farrah Threatens To Sue

The teen mom insists she wasn’t unruly and that the staff singled her out for no reason. TMZ has since released a video showing Farrah arrested for battery after the club staff detained her.

Now, the 30-year-old is threatening to sue the lounge saying the guards made her eat dirt and used excessive force in detaining her. The situation is a mess because the lounge security guards are doubling down with picture evidence that Farrah attacked first.