WWE Receives Backlash After Trademarking Name Of Nazi U-Boat Commander

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WWE is receiving backlash from fans after trademarking the name "Gunther Stark". On January 13th, 2022 WWE applied to trademark the name for wrestling purposes. When news broke of this, however, there was a swift backlash from fans. A quick Google search of the name revealed that Gunther Stark was a Nazi U-boat commander during World War II. Was WWE really going to name a Superstar after a Nazi?

This Tuesday on NXT 2.0 it was then revealed which performer the name was trademarked for. Scroll down to reveal more.

WALTER Is Now Gunther

After defeating Roderick Strong on NXT 2.0 this week, Austrian-born wrestler WALTER revealed that he now wishes to be called "Gunther". He did not, however, express that he wishes to go by the name "Gunther Stark".

It is possible that WWE changed course after backlash from fans and simply decided that if they only went with the first name it would be okay. Fans weren't happy that WALTER was being renamed in the first place, however, let alone given the name of a Nazi.

Scroll down to reveal what WWE did next.

WWE Abandons Trademark For Gunther Stark

According to a report from PW Insider, WWE filed to abandon the trademark on January 19th, 2022, one day after WALTER's character expressed that he wished to be referred to as Gunther. A quick search of the US Patent and Trademark Office filings did not show that WWE has filed to trademark just the first name of "Gunther" for wrestling purposes. As of this writing, WALTER is currently listed as "Gunther" on the WWE.com Superstars page

It appears WALTER might be going with the name Gunther from here on out despite the controversy. Scroll down to reveal what the name actually means.

What Does Gunther Mean?

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If WWE hadn't of trademarked the name "Gunther Stark" and simply gone with "Gunther" there likely would be no controversy. Now, however, the name will be linked with the Nazi Gunther Stark instead of the many other non-Nazi people throughout history who have been named Gunther.

Just the name Gunther is perfect for a wrestler, however. The name translates to "Battle Warrior", something fitting of WALTER's in-ring style.

Many fans are simply upset that WALTER's name is being changed in the first place. Scroll down to learn more about the performer behind the name.

Who Is WWE's Gunther?

WWE has long wanted WALTER to be on its main roster. He has turned the opportunity down on several occasions, however, stating that he has no desire to live in the United States. He did eventually sign with the company in order to be a pivotal name for the NXT UK brand.

After splitting up with his wife, however, WALTER is now said to be open to moving to the United States. That means WWE could have big plans for him in the near future. Those big plans evidently involved renaming him to Gunther.