Kim Kardashian Enjoys ‘Beach Party’ In Bikini

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Kim Kardashian continues sharing sexy snaps from her Bahamas getaway with Pete Davidson. The 41-year-old business mogul only recently posted debate-sparking pictures from the exact location. While we slept, she decided one wasn’t enough and released another set, this time in a black bikini to keep her 280 million Instagram fans talking.

Sexy Curves

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Kim K wore a sexy black scantily clad bikini while enjoying the sand on the beach. In one pose, she protects her well-structured face from the sun rays with a face cap and black shades, also black like her bathing suit. The SKIMS owner ditches her colored weaves for a natural black one stopping just above her waistline.

Sitting in a suggestive position – back reclined, arms outstretched behind for support, and toned legs hiked – she lets the sunlight bounce off her creamy skin.


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Beach Party Of One

In another post, Kim lets the inner child in her play as she falls into the sand. The mother of four opens her arms wide as though she wanted to create a sand [snow] angel. She, however, folds her legs to reveal a side view of her million-dollar bum. There’s also a shadow in this picture, but it clearly belongs to Kim, unlike the previous one, which had fans in a frenzy. These throwback pictures arrive on the heels of a very public disagreement between the influencer and her estranged rapper husband Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.

Kimye Drama

Since the announcement of their impending divorce in February last year, Kimye has been spiraling further down the rabbit hole. First, Kim alleges her estranged husband refused to sign the numerous divorce papers sent to his home. Then she filed to be legally single– she wanted to officially drop the “West” appendage from her surname. Next, she started a public romance with SNL comedian Pete Davidson after kissing him on her episode of Saturday Night Live.

As for Ye, he moved into a house closer to Kim’s new home supposedly to draw closer to his children. That’s odd considering he moved to Wyoming during his marriage to Kim, and he already had children. Moving on, Kanye’s also been on public dates with the actress Julia Fox following news of Kim and Pete’s relationship.

More Kimye Drama

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This whole messy unofficial divorce/custody battle came to a head when Ye alleged Kim hid her new address from him and prevented him from seeing his child Chicago. Earlier this week, the 4-year-old child celebrated her birthday, and at first, her father was absent.

When fans pointed out his absence, Ye got on Instagram live to accuse Kim and her family of stonewalling him and hiding their party address. He wanted Chicago and the world to know he wasn’t a deadbeat father, so he chose to control his narrative. At this moment, the state of the situation is unknown since Ye eventually attended the party, and all seemed well between the separated couple.