Erika Jayne In Bikini Flaunts ‘Doll Parts’

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Erika Jayne prides herself on being a gorgeous businesswoman, and after you see these pictures, you'll understand why. The 50-year-old former singer knows how to capture attention without trying hard. Asides from her perfect face, the reality TV star shows us constantly that she has the body to match. Seeing this picture, we agree with her caption, "Doll Parts," because she looks like she walked out of a Mattel inc. Photoshoot.

Doll Parts

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Jayne brings "Jungle Barbie" to life in this reimagined safari-like photoshoot. The Pretty Mess founder poses in red floral lingerie as she accessorizes with matching stilettos, ring, and dark sunglasses. She styles her hair in a long blonde body wave reaching her waist as she flaunts a perfectly sculpted body.

The reality TV star stands on the edge of a pool, with a palm tree backdrop, under the shadow of night. Seriously, the picture looks surreal, and some of her followers think so too – One user wrote, "Sis is 50. If I don't look like this in 25 years, I'd be mad." Haha, we'll see about that.

Bling, Bling

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In her instagram post, Jayne poses in the pool for a close-up shot of the red floral underwear. She leans against the pool's edge as she arches her back for a full view of her boobs in a side profile. The camera flash reflects on her diamond jewelry causing it to glitter in the dark. She angles her head backward, displaying a sleek neck as her platinum hair falls to her back.

On the side, she flaunts her perfectly manicured nails captioning the picture "LA." Indeed the picture looks like a scene from a Femme Fatale L. A. movie.

Erika Jayne's Workout Plan

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We're just kidding. This isn't an exposé section on Erika Jayne's workout plan but a play on Kanye West's 2004 single of the same name. Jayne poses on a lounge chair in a blue lace complete lingerie set – stockings, garter, bra, and panties all check. She accessorizes with a pink and black sunshade and gold multi-layered chain.

Jayne hoists her right leg high while balancing her weight with the left. Beside her is a pair of pink and blue mules to complement the shade of her lingerie.

Hollywood Confidential

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The reality TV star concludes her Hollywood-inspired series with a classic black and white picture. Still wearing the set from the "Workout plan" segment (minus the stockings plus the shoes), Jayne poses, reading a magazine. The camera's flash reflects on her sunshades as she channels her inner Eva Green in A Dame To Die For.