Mikaela Shiffrin In Bikini Enjoys A 'Sunset'

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One of the most beautiful sights nature blessed us with is sunset. Watching day blend into the night is a fantastic gradient, an incredible experience. It's little wonder most romantic movies include watching the sunset (or sunrise) in their falling-in-love scenes. Here's one real-life person who also loves seeing that yellow, orange, and red gradient – Mikaela Shiffrin. Here's a look at that one time she captured the sunset in the perfect pose.

Enjoying The Sunset

Shiffrin shares a picture of herself enjoying the sunset with her 1 million Instagram followers. She lies facing up on the edge of a pool in the shot, flaunting her Olympic-toned body in a bikini. Her left leg stretches while she hikes the right one. Shiffrin places her left hand on her flat tummy and extends the right one above her head.

The black bikini bra has white trim on the base, while the pant is a plain colored design. You can see her tight glutes, quads, and entire body resting at fit angles as she looks up contemplatively at the skies.

Capturing The Sunset

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Shiffrin thanks her photographer Brent Bingham Photo for capturing the frame-worthy moment. "@brentbinghamphoto & @babarabingham sure know how to capture a sunset…," she wrote.

We checked, and no lies were detected because the sunset served as the perfect background for Shiffrin's self-portrait. The camera captured the exact moment the sun's gold blended into the darkness, forming a sharp contrast on the horizon.

Sunkissed Face

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Shiffrin shows another sunset angle as the dimming rays bounce off her well-structured face. The golden hues serve as a perfect background that highlights the poolside twin-seater and white towel yet redirects attention to the Olympic skier. The sheer skill of the shot is impressive and tastefully done.

She styles her blonde hair in a side part messy bangs, as her makeup-free face glows out of the pool. Her lower body remains submerged while she leans on the pool's edge showing off her classic Longines wristwatch.

The Muse Behind The Shot

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It's one thing to catch a sunset, and it's another to have a beautiful subject to highlight its beauty. As you can see in the picture below, Mikaela Shiffrin's athletic build is the perfect mannequin for the Adidas black and white bathing suit.

The camera captures her from a bird's eye view with her body submerged in the turquoise pool. Her formerly side part bang hairstyle falls to her in a sleek wave to her back. Without zooming, you can see her toned abs and thighs sitting perfectly in the water.