Alex Murdaugh Update: Request For Lower Bail Denied

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South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh is facing dozens of financial crime charges that could send him to prison for more than 500 years if convicted.

The disgraced lawyer and other members of his family have been involved in a number of mysterious deaths and other controversies, including financial crime.

Alex Murdaugh's wife Maggie and son Paul were murdered in June. In September, Murdaugh himself was shot in the head, but later admitted to staging the shooting in order to commit insurance fraud.

$7 Million Bond

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Murdaugh was arrested in October last year and, in December, Judge Alison Renee Lee set his bond at $7 million, with no option to pay 10 percent for release.

Last week, Murdaugh's attorneys filed a motion asking the court to lower their client's bond.

They claimed that Murdaugh cannot even pay his phone bill, and that he "does not have seven million dollars or anything close to that amount."

Their client, they argued, "has very little liquid assets at this time" and simply cannot pay the bond.

Patrolman Thomas Moore

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South Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Thomas Moore testified testified at Murdaugh's virtual bond hearing last Monday, where he urged the judge not to lower the lawyer's bail.

Moore hired Murdaugh in January 2021, after being injured in the line of duty. Murdaugh convinced Moore to sign over a $125,000 check he had received from an insurance company, and then deposited the check into one of his accounts.

"He treated me very nice, and he stole every dime I had," Moore said at the bond hearing.

Request To Lower Bail Denied

As reported by Fox News, Judge Renee on Tuesday denied the request to lower Murdaugh's bail.

"After considering all of the information provided, this court finds that the current bond is reasonable to assure his appearance in court as the Defendant remains a flight risk and potential danger to himself and the community," the judge wrote in her decision.

The prosecutors initially requested a $6.2 million bail, but the judge apparently believes that setting it at $7 million is more appropriate, given what Murdaugh is being accused of.

Murdaugh Family

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South Carolina has been home to the Murdaugh family for more than a 100 years, with members serving in the local government.

But the dynasty appears to be unravelling, and jot just due to the controversies involving Alex Murdaugh.

Murdaughs' housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, for instance, died in 2018 after a fall. However, no autopsy was ever conducted, so many believe she was murdered.

Paul Murdaugh, on the other hand, was accused of boating under the influence in an accident that resulted in the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach.