AJ Styles Vs Grayson Waller On NXT 2.0 Praised By Fans

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Chris Woolridge

AJ Styles vs Grayson Waller headlined this week's episode of WWE NXT 2.0.

While AJ Styles is an established star, Grayson Waller is just starting his WWE career. A match against Styles in the main event had the potential to catapult him up to the next level.

It was a match that needed to deliver and according to the response from fans, it did exactly that. Scroll down to reveal what some fans are saying about AJ Styles vs Grayson Waller.

Fan Response To AJ Styles Vs Grayson Waller

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On the Cagematch website, fans have been writing comments about the match.

"The match was very good, a perfect way to shine a new superstar due to the quality of AJ Styles' work," wrote one viewer.

"I'm very excited to see AJ Styles in NXT 2.0. I'm a big fan of his and it's great that he's helping young talent at this point in his career. Rightfully AJ won, but Grayson comes out of this match much improved," wrote another.

Styles came away from the match the winner but a storyline development took place after. Scroll down to reveal what happened next.

LA Knight Attacks Grayson Waller

After the match, AJ Styles got on the microphone to cut a promo. He told Waller that he is good but he's not yet phenomenal.

With Waller on the outside of the ring, LA Knight's music then hit and the returning Superstar came out to the ring area. Knight had been gone for weeks due to an injury he suffered at the hands of Waller and now he was back for revenge.

Knight clotheslined his rival out of the ring to close the segment.

The match has to be considered a success by WWE in terms of getting Waller over as a new Superstar. It's far from the best match Styles has ever had, however. Scroll down to reveal some of the best matches from AJ Styles' career.

AJ Styles' Top Matches Of All Time

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According to fan votes, the best match of AJ Styles' career took place at TNA Unbreakable in 2005. He wrestled a widely praised triple threat match against Samoa Joe and Christopher Danielson on that show. The match also received a 5-star rating from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The 2nd best match of Styles' career according to fan votes was his Wrestle Kingdom 10 match against Shinsuke Nakamura in 2016 for NJPW.

The top WWE match of AJ Styles' career according to fan votes, took place on the August 6th 2020 episode of Friday Night Smackdown. Styles wrestled Daniel Bryan that night.

Styles also revealed something else on NXT 2.0 this week. Scroll down to reveal what that was.

AJ Styles Declares For The 2022 Royal Rumble

Before his match with Grayson Waller last night on NXT 2.0, Styles cut a backstage promo. During the interview, Styles said he plans on winning the Royal Rumble this year and going on to main event WrestleMania. It was Styles officially declaring that he plans on being in this year's Rumble match.

Styles made his WWE debut in the Royal Rumble match in 2016. He also competed in both the 2020 and 2021 Rumbles. Perhaps 2022 is the year he finally wins it.