Noah Cyrus Styles Miley Cyrus In See-Through Black Jersey Dress

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We already know Noah Cyrus is her big sister’s role model because Miley Cyrus said so during her NYE rehearsals. In line with that revelation, the award-winning singer let Noah style her post-event, switching her upbeat rockstar style to a laidback flirty, and fun one. Sharing the post with her 157 million Instagram followers, the Nothing Breaks Like A Heart singer added a dark heart in the caption to complement her all-black outfit, garnering almost 4,000 comments to date.

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Trying Something New For 2022

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Playing dress-up is a sisters thing which Noah and Miley know so well. We know Miley, 29, isn’t afraid of trying new things in all aspects of her life, so seeing her debut a new style wasn’t surprising. Her caption revealing Noah, 21, as the creative mind behind the outfit wasn’t shocking either because we know the sisters have a close relationship.

Despite their 8-year age gap, Millennial Miley allowed Gen-Z Noah to work some of that modern-fashion magic on her wardrobe, and the outcome wasn’t outrageous! Keep reading for the see-through black dress picture.

Chill, But Make It Miley

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Posing in the hallway, Miley leans on a wall as she angles her hip out and crosses her legs. The all-black net dress showed off her yoga-toned abs and thighs underneath. The black pants covered her pelvic area completely, giving the outfit a bikini coverall feel.

Noah kept the style authentic to Miley by pairing the risqué dress with dark black lace-up boots. The Prisoners singer rocked her usual blonde mullet, though she switched her signature red lipstick for a nude-peach shade. She is accessorized with dark black sunshades, parting her lips slightly to add a sexy aura to the picture.

A Successful NYE Party

After building anticipation for her NBC NYE event co-hosted by Pete Davidson, Miley Cyrus can boast a successful night that lived up to the hype. She delivered on fashion, comedy, music, and all-round entertainment. Despite the wardrobe malfunction, her flimsy silver two-piece outfit was one for the books, so were the multicolored fur coat number, the red blazer jumpsuit combo, and the maxi dress. Miley’s electrifying performance with Brandi Carlile had the music icon commenting that they must record the song.

Charged And Ready For The New Year

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The success of the New Year’s Eve party in Miami, which was a product of her partnership deal with NBCUniversal, has Miley charged and optimistic for the New Year. The Plastic Hearts singer hasn’t stopped posting memorable moments from the event, both photos and videos, on her Insta feed, including performances with rap artist Saweetie, sister Noah Cyrus, newcomer 24KGolden, icon Brandi Carlile, and co-host Pete Davidson. We’re as excited for the New Year as the Hannah Montana star, and we hope it continues on a positive note.