Kaley Cuoco Adorable In Childhood Xmas With Santa Claus

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Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco made Instagram melt with her cute-as-a-button Santa snap this Christmas - although her photo dates back to 1990. The 36-year-old sitcom star is fresh from a post taking fans way back to her childhood, when modeling was a gig and Santa Claus was a companion.

The Big Bang Theory star has gained over 34,000 likes for seemingly telling off a naughty Santa as she rocked a red-and-white dress, and it was the thumbs-up from her followers as she said: "Merry Christmas."

Circa 1990

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Scroll for the photo, one showing the HBO Max face as a young child and with a traditional-looking Santa. The blonde had her index finger out as if to scold him - all this, while wearing a cute red dress with a white lace collar detail, plus a festive bow in her bouncy ponytail.

THE BROADWAY poster came with plenty of Xmas spirit, with Kaley telling fans: "Merry Christmas. Circa 1990." She added a small tree emoji. Keep scrolling for more after the snap.


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Doesn't Always Decorate

Late 2021 marked Kaley announcing her divorce from husband Karl Cook, whom she wed in 2018. One year later and as newly-weds, the couple revealed why they weren't decorating their home for Christmas.

"These last few weeks have flown by, we went to Thailand and I've been in NY and all of a sudden it's Christmas," Kaley had explained, adding:

"It's flown by which means it's been incredible and hitch free - although I'll be returning home with nowhere to acually live lol."

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Explaining that the couple were "between houses," the girl behind Penny continued: "I'm sad we won't have a tree and Xmas decorations."

Kaley has also been busy in the run-up to the holidays as production for Season 2 of The Flight Attendant kicks off, with filming taking her to Iceland. She's also got fans on the edge of their seats for what the thriller will bring next. "I just finished season 1. I can't wait to watch season 2," one said, adding: "We will be more than happy to welcome you here. Thanks for a great series!"

Joining Another Sitcom

Kaley is also fresh from news that she'll be guest-starring on another famous sitcom, and no, it isn't a Big Bang reboot. She'll be joining Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, this month sharing a photo of herself and the comedy's star Larry David and writing:

"When a check off your bucket list ends up being the best experience ever 😅 thank you everyone @curbyourenthusiasm for this moment in time!"

Kaley remains very quiet on her divorce, though. Check out her Insta for more.