Why January Jones And Her Unconventional Choices Keep Her Under The Spotlight

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Sarah Haider

While January Jones is exceedingly famous for her role as Betty Draper in the American television series Mad Men, other controversial aspects of her personality have always kept her under the spotlight.

The 43-year-old actress has made headlines in tabloids for her string of unconventional romances that earned her the title of being a "homewrecker." Her views on dating are also quite different from many others.

What’s more, Jones has recently been a subject of discussion after she revealed who she wants to sleep with.

Continue reading to find out what makes January Jones so out of the ordinary.

The Controversial Romances

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According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, owing to her unconventional and unacceptable rumored relationships with men, January has earned the reputation of being a homewrecker.

Per the piece, she was reportedly the reason why American chef and TV personality Bobby Flay’s ex-wife Stephanie March filed for divorce.

March had said that the Love Actually actress had a long-term affair with Flay.

According to The Daily Mail, in her divorce papers, March had alleged that “[January and Flay] had sex many times and in different places, including the London hotel in Los Angeles.”

Akin to that, some insiders also maintain that January was romantically linked to Liam Hemsworth while he was still dating Miley Cyrus.


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Her Ideal Sleeping Partner

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Even though January had had a fair share of controversial relationships with different celebrities, which mostly landed her in hot waters, she doesn’t fantasize about any of her alleged lovers.

Instead, she surprised many of her followers by recently opening about her the people she wants to sleep with. In an interview with Violet Grey, January was questioned if there was any particular person that she’d like to go to bed with.

In response, the actress revealed that if given a choice, she’d either prefer American actor Paul Newman or singer Rihanna.

Unconventional Fashion Sense

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January’s unusual sense of style has frequently garnered a lot of criticism. Last month, she was making headlines for being one of the “worst dressed” celebrities as she attended the InStyle Awards at The Getty Center in Los Angeles.

As The Daily Mail reported, the actress opted for white long boots that she teamed with a bizarre green and black dress that boasted a slide slit.

What’s more, she showed off a glimpse of her underwear on the red carpet – something that didn’t settle well with the fashion police.

Similarly, her choice outfit for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards was also widely criticised. Nonetheless, she pays no heed to what anyone thinks.

“It makes me laugh when the ‘Fashion Police’ hate what I wear. I loved my whole look that night. It was really fun. And I just like people looking at me like I was crazy,” she had said, per The Oakland Press

Being Mysterious

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Despite belonging to a profession where one has to be an open book most of the time, January prefers to surround herself with a mysterious persona.

During her interview with Violet Grey, the X-Men: First Class actress said that she doesn’t like to explain her life choices or personality traits to anyone.

“I prefer to remain mysterious and have people make their own judgment calls about me than to always have to explain who I am and what I‘m about,” she said.