Zendaya Hikes Up Leg In Only A Blouse And Heels


Rebecca Cukier

Zendaya easily won over her 115 million Instagram followers earlier this year, yanking up one leg and doing it in only a pink blouse and kitten heels. The former Disney star was, back in March, honoring her ambassador status with Italian designer Valentino and spreading the brand's name on social media.

The 25-year-old, who currently has fans gushing about her new Spider-Man: No Way Home role and romance with co-star Tom Holland, had her followers throwing over 5 million likes for this snap. Check it out below.

Repping Luxury Valentino

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Scroll for the photo, one seeing Zendaya all pretty in pink. It showed her shot against a matte gray wall and big-time flaunting her super-long legs. The wardrobe was simple, but classy.

Zendaya wore an oversized and blush pink blouse partially unbuttoned and worn as a bit of a minidress - standing on her right leg, she lifted up her left one for a folded finish, also bringing in an arm swing to showcase a matching pink handbag.

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While singer Dua Lipa fronts Versace and former Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus does the same for Gucci, Zendaya sees her praises shouted from the rooftops by Valentino, first signing the star last year.

“The reason why we chose Zendaya as the new face for Valentino is because she perfectly embodies and represents what Valentino is and stands for, today," the brand stated, adding: "She is a powerful and fierce young woman that uses her talent and her work to express herself, her values and her generation as well."

And It's Her Honor, Too

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Meanwhile, Zendaya has said: “I am honoured to have been chosen as the face of Valentino. I’m so excited to begin this amazing collaboration with Pierpaolo and the entire Valentino family."

This year brings Zendaya in the brand's Roman Palazzo Campaign - six days ago, she donned Valentino for her new movie's Los Angeles premiere, and it came complete with a custom-made, spider-web finish. She paired the gown with Christian Louboutin heels and luxury Bulgari jewelry for a sizzling finish. More after the snap.

Speaks For Herself

Zendaya, who doesn't just model and act but has designed full-blown collabs with Tommy Hilfiger, has opened up on her own style perspectives. She told Refinery29:

"There's something so honest and real about personal style and being fashion fearless and just wearing whatever you want, however you want. I just really admire that courageousness. And also, it's just chic and cool, and everything that's cool comes back around."

Zendaya's leggy post gained a like from Chloe Bailey. Give her Instagram a follow for more.