Who Is Salma Hayek's Daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault?

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Alexandra Lozovschi

When Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina Paloma Pinault joined her famous mom on the red carpet at The Eternals premiere in October, fans were in awe at how much the 14-year-old looks like the Marvel star.

While the 55-year-old Emmy winner tries to keep her only child out of the spotlight and to maintain her life private, she does occasionally share photos of her daughter on Instagram. The teenager also has a fan account, Valentina Pinault, teeming with childhood photos.

Salma recently gushed about her daughter on the social media platform after one of their red carpet appearances, dubbing her the "best Eternals premiere date ever." See the post below!

Here's everything we know about Valentina.

Her Dad Is A Billionaire

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Although nothing can be more glamorous than having Salma as a mom, Valentina's dad is also a renowned celebrity. The teenager is the daughter of billionaire French businessman François-Henri Pinault, 59, whom the House of Gucci star married in 2009.

Valentina's grandfather on her father's side is reputed billionaire François Pinault, 85, founder of the luxury goods company Kering which now owns major brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga. The teen's dad took over the company in 2005, in addition to being president of the holding company Groupe Artémis since 2003.

Below is a throwback of Valentina as a toddler in the arms of her father, which Salma posted in June in celebration of Father's Day.

She Has Three Half-Siblings

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Valentina is the only child that Salma and her husband have together -- the pair welcomed their daughter in 2007, two years before tying the knot on Valentine's Day -- but her father has three other children from previous relationships.

François-Henri, who has been married to the Frida star for 12 years, was previously married to Dorothée Lepère from 1996 to 2004. The former couple shares two children, 22-year-old son François and 20-year-old daughter Mathilde.

The French businessman also fathered a child with supermodel Linda Evangelista, 15-year-old son Augustin James Evangelista.

All of her half-siblings are regularly featured on her mom's Insta feed, as Salma loves sharing weekend pics of the whole family and lovingly celebrates their birthdays on social media.

"I always wanted to have a lot of children, and I was not able to. My body, as a miracle, had one," the actress, who had Valentina at 41, opened up in an interview. "The huge blessing I've had is that my husband has three other children. So I have four. And they are all so different."

Valentina's Net Worth

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Given the celebrity status and wealth of her parents, it comes as no surprise that Valentina's future is well being taken care of. According to The Sun, the teen has a net worth of $12 million that has been set aside for her.

She also stands to inherit over $40 billion, states the publication, given that her grandfather's current estimated net worth is $50.3 billion, per Forbes. Meanwhile, Valentina's father is reportedly worth $7 billion, while her mom has accumulated a fortune of $200 million.

Below is another photo of Valentina and Salma at The Eternals premiere, posted by the actress in late October with the hashtag "proudmama."

Doesn't Watch Salma's Movies

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Fans tuning in to the Late Night with Seth Meyers back in June were surprised to learn that Valentina doesn't like to watch her mom's movies. The teenager did, however, give a thumbs-up to The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife, which she went to see with her friends.

“She insisted on this one. She never wants to see my stuff, but she insisted on watching this one and to go with her friends," Salma told Seth during the show. "I was really nervous and embarrassed. I said, ‘Don’t bring your friends. I’m going to really embarrass you.’ She’s like, ‘You embarrass me all the time, every day. What’s going to be different?'”

As it turns out, Valentina loved the movie. Watch Salma's interview below to find out what she had to say about it!

Lots In Common With Her Mom

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It's no secret that Salma adores her daughter. The movie star gushed about Valentina in a 2019 interview with Town And Country, saying they have a lot in common. She also praised her creativity, saying she was "very smart, very funny, and very willful.”

In the same interview, Salma opened up about having a child at 41: “I think I’m a better mother because I had her later. But I do get tired. I’m not going to lie.”

The Desperado star offered a glimpse into her life as a parent while speaking to Red magazine back in 2017: "I try to be with Valentina as much as possible, even when I'm working. She was with me on [the photoshoot for the magazine] and she felt like a participant — she wasn't just sitting there on the iPad. This is so important."

Most recently, Salma penned a heartwarming tribute to her daughter on her birthday this September 21, sharing a lovely photo of the two together.

"My precious girl, you are everything to me. Blessed be the day you came into my life to shine your radiant light," she wrote in the caption, adding: "Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 Valentina!!!!! Thank you for being YOU."