Kate Beckinsale Shares Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Her Past Movies

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Kate Beckinsale happily looked back at some of the movies she made and shared behind-the-scenes stories that the public never knew. Some of them were pretty shocking!

The 48-year-old actress definitely has an impressive work resume, ranging from period dramas to classic rom-coms.

While most of the movies in her filmography are certified hits, there were a lot of things happening behind the scenes that we never really knew about, until now.

Scroll down to see Kate's surprising stories from her past films.

Emma Thompson Told Her Not To Shave Her Armpits

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In her 1993 film debut Much Ado About Nothing, Beckinsale worked with Academy-Award-winning actor Emma Thompson.

According to Kate, Emma adviced her that she didn't need to shave her armpits since they were doing a period piece.

"I've noticed that you shave your armpits. They didn't do that in Shakespearean times. So, you're not going to be shaving your armpits for the movie," Thompson had said to Kate, who was in awe of the veteran actress' coolness.

"This is the coolest person I've ever met. I want to be her. And still do," Kate narrates in Yahoo's Role Recall segment.


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She Got Held In Customs For Drug Questioning


When she did Brokedown Palace, a film about drug smuggling which was shot in Asia, she got held in customs before entering the US again.

"We came through customs and they said to me - 'Hold on, excuse me, you've been to the Philippines', and I'm like 'Oh my god, that's so funny. I've just played a character who got put away for years for smuggling heroin.'"

"They're like 'This isn't funny."

Kate shared that she was held in the back room for about an hour and a half.

One Director Thought Her Boobs Were Too Small


Director Michael Bay was hesitant to cast her in Pearl Harbor because he thought her boobs weren't the right size.

When asked what she thought about working with Michael Bay, Kate answered:

"I think he was very alarmed because I wasn't round and my boobs weren't very big, or bigger than my head. I didn't make sense to him as an attractive woman."

'Serendipity' Wasn't Filmed During The Holidays


One of her most popular movies Serendipity, wasn't actually filmed during the holidays and they were sweating underneath their winter clothes.

"It was kind of a Christmas movie. A lot of it was set in the wintertime and we were shooting in August in New York City. So, the fact that we don't look really sweaty in the movie is a big achievement," Kate shared.

Kate may have divulged production secrets but these behind-the-scenes stories just made these movies a lot more interesting!

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