Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Business Brains In Her Pajamas

Jennifer Lopez
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Rebecca Cukier

Jennifer Lopez is making it rain cash! The singer and mogul, still front-page news for going full Bennifer 2.0 with boyfriend Ben Affleck, hasn't abandoned her business ventures amid her whirlwind romance - in fact, she's been going full-throttle. JLo continues to promote 2020-dropped JLo Beauty, a brand getting mega press on her Instagram recently and even bringing the "Dinero" hit-maker in her pajamas.

Lopez updated earlier this month to promote four items from her range, and she even delivered a full demo.

Taking It All Off

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Scroll for the video, one seeing the American Idol judge fresh-faced, totally makeup-free, and looking jaw-dropping at 52. Lopez was in her luxurious and marbled bathroom, backed by attractive flower decorations, a massive walk-in shower, plus fine woods. Of course, jars of her beauty products were everywhere, with Lopez herself seen applying them.

Wearing a traditional navy-blue and white-piped PJ shirt, the "Jenny From The Block" singer sported her massive hoop earrings while rubbing her face with her creams - she clocked over 4 million views for the walk-through.


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See The Video Below

The mom of two took to her caption, shouting out beauty retail giant Sephora and opening: "Take it all off with Jennifer 😉 Follow along using @JLo's go-to nightly routine below — 💧 That Hit Single® Gel Cleanser ✨ That JLo Glow™ Serum 💛 That Blockbuster™ Hydrating Cream 💫 That Fresh Take® Eye Cream."

"Get your JLo-approved regimen @Sephora + 🤩," she added, also offering a Spanish translation. Scroll for more photos after the video, one coming as JLo Beauty makes headlines for being a recommended Xmas gift by Forbes this holiday season.

20 Years In The Making

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Lopez, whose ultra-smooth face often sparks speculation she's had work done - the actress denies any surgery - has opened up on developing her brand.

"It's taken 20 years to realize this dream," she told In Style, adding: "I haven't been this genuinely excited about a project of mine in a long time, and that is not bullshit. My skin is the No. 1 thing I've been asked about. Even when I'm talking about a movie, a song, or an album I'm putting out, everyone's like, "What are you doing for your skin?"

The Five 'S's

The Hustlers actress also let fans into her beauty secret mindset - five 's' words form the foundation of her philosophy.

"What I've learned is that it's all about simplicity: Less is more," JLo continued. "There's this unnatural beauty standard right now, and that's not the way I live my life. The truth is, my secret to great skin is what I call the five S's: sleep, sunscreen, serums, supplements, and living a healthy, sane life, which in Spanish is called sana."