Jamie Lynn Spears Shares Colorful Thanksgiving Pictures With Family

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You may know her as Britney Spears' younger sister, but Jamie Lynn Spears is a celebrity in her own right too. The 30-year-old mother of two starred as the titular character in the Disney hit TV series Zoey 101at was until 2008, when the scandal of her teenage pregnancy ended the show abruptly.

In the Thanksgiving slide show post, the actress shared beautiful pictures of her family. Jamie Lynn blurred out her girls’ faces in some and covered them with emojis in others. She did this to maintain their privacy, and I can’t blame her.

Why Did Jamie Lynn Stop Zoey 101?

The Spears family isn’t a stranger to scandals – from Pop singer Britney’s conservatorship to Jamie Lynn’s teenage pregnancy, it’s been a rollercoaster. In her autobiography, Jamie Lynn shared why she couldn’t involve her superstar sister in her drama. She says her family and team hinted at getting rid of her now 13-years-old daughter Maddie. We’re thankful she didn’t because we’d have missed out on Maddie’s adorable face and achievements. The Zoey 101 star is grateful as well as she celebrates Thanksgiving with her husband, Jamie Watson.

Marriage To Jamie Watson

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Jamie Lynn assures us this pregnancy was better than 2008 one, and she had more support. She has a three-year-old daughter with Watson, Ivey, born in 2018, ten years after her first. Some publications dubbed Watson a “super dad” in the past for stepping up and being a good parent to his stepdaughter. Jamie Lynn mentioned her husband didn’t know her celebrity status when they met. Compared to the Spears clan, Watson is a regular guy. The 39-year-old works in an electronic company.

Repairing Her Relationship With Britney

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Since Britney Spears’ 13-year conservatorship ended a few days ago, many people give their two cents. Jamie Lynn also commented that she’s always supported her older sister even though she wasn’t vocal in the media. There are rumors that their mother Lynne intends to repair her strained relationship with the girls.

At the moment, it’s unlikely that a reconciliation is possible because Britney is still salty towards her mother. She alleges that the 66-year-old matriarch of the Spears clan masterminded the conservatorship to control her life. The “Make Me” singer also hinted at being abandoned by her younger sister.

Things I Should Have Said

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Jamie Lynn had her fair share of challenges, so, understandably, she wasn’t publicly vocal during the Britney debacle. She’s making amends now in a new tell-all memoir, “Things I Should Have Said.” Amongst the shocking discoveries is that the child actress threatened to file for emancipation during her teen pregnancy.

People published excerpts from the memoir expected to hit the shelves on Jan. 2022. Jamie Lynn says she’s healed and ready to speak now. We can’t wait to read all the juicy details.