NFL Rumors: Aaron Rodgers Shuts Down Doubts On His Toe Injury With Hilarious Rant

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Until last season, Aaron Rodgers' name was only brought up when people talked about the best quarterbacks in NFL history.

As of late, however, the Green Bay Packers superstar has found a way to make the news for different reasons.

First, it was his stand-off with the Packers and his threats to retire if he wasn't traded. Then, it was his vaccination fiasco and now, it all has to do with his toe injury and the possibility of him having "Covid toe".

Report Says Aaron Rodgers Has 'Covid Toe'

Rodgers, who joked about that during an appearance on The Pat McAfee show, was on the wrong end of a recent report by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the story, Rodgers isn't dealing with a bone injury as he claims but instead, he's struggling due to Covid toe:

"Covid Toe is a casual name for something medically known as pernio or chilblains, which is a condition that causes symptoms such as discoloration and lesions. It can be extremely painful and turn the toes purple," read the report.


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Rodgers Calls Out The Report For 'Disinformation'

Rodgers didn't care for the report and called out Molly Knight for spreading that story, stating that he wants an apology from her and her editor:

“It’s actually called disinformation when you perpetuate false information about an individual,” The QB told the media, per NBC Sports. “I have a fractured toe. So I expect a full apology from Molly Knight and whoever her editors was. I did get a kick out of reading that article. That was very, very interesting. But, no, I never heard of COVID toe before. Pat made a joke about it on the show, and I mentioned yesterday that it’s, you know, worse than a turf toe, and it must be a bone issue. I can’t believe I have to again come on the air and talk about my medical information. But, yeah, I have a fractured toe. I’ve never heard of COVID toe before. I have no lesions on my feet. That’s just a classic case of disinformation. It’s surprising coming from what used to be a reputable journalistic institution, but that’s the world we live in these days.”

Rodgers went as far as to show his toe in front of the camera during his speech to prove that it wasn't purple or even swollen.

The Reporter Fired Back At Rodgers

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Knight, who didn't even write the story, took to Twitter to address the situation and urge Rodgers' fans to stop harassing her:

"Today I tweeted a link to a Wall Street Journal story about Aaron Rodgers, then went to a spin class and then the local homeless feed where I volunteer. Apparently, Rodgers mentioned me by name in a press conference, because when I finished my work my social media feeds were full of unpleasant comments from Rodgers’ fans. I didn’t write the article Rodgers is upset about, but I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal," Knight tweeted.

Rodgers Trolls Everybody With Hilarious Profile Pic

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While Rodgers was pretty heated during his press conference, it seems like he's had more than enough time to cool down.

At least, that's what we can tell from his recent activity on social media, as he trolled everybody by putting a profile pic of his toe after his press conference went viral.

All jokes aside, Rodgers claimed that he'll need some time to get back to full strength, and his status will continue to be a concern with a must-win game against the Rams on deck.