NFL Rumors: Packers' Aaron Rodgers Shares Concerning Injury Update

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The Green Bay Packers suffered another tough loss on Sunday, this time to the Minnesota Vikings in a game that will have strong playoff implications.

The Packers' offense could never get going in the first half and there were some serious concerns when Aaron Rodgers wasn't on the field for the final snap of the second quarter.

Rodgers, who had been dealing with a toe injury, aggravated his ailment during the game and was in a lot of pain for most of the matchup.

Rodgers Says He's In A Lot Of Pain

The talented quarterback said that his toe injury is a little worse than toe turf and, even though it will linger him for the remainder of the season, he said he expects to be better after the bye week:

"I'm just going to have to get to the bye and hope I can get some healing over the bye week," Rodgers told the media, per "Probably the same schedule next week. Was in a lot of pain. Went in at halftime early to get it checked out. It's very, very painful. Got stepped on the first half, and that kind of activated all the symptoms I was having. It's going to be another painful week and next week, and then hopefully start to feel a little better on the bye."

Rodgers' Absence Has Hurt The Team's Offense, Says Davante Adams

Rodgers has been unable to practice for most of the past four weeks, first due to COVID-19 and then because of this injury.

Unsurprisingly, star wideout Davante Adams believes this has taken a toll on the offense's chemistry and ability to perform at the highest level:

"Davante Adams doesn’t discount #Packers offense needing time to gel with how little Aaron Rodgers has practiced for the past month. He felt that rhythm coming late. Something to build on now that run of no practices for 12 might be over," reported Ryan Wood of Green Bay Press-Gazette

The Offense Needs To Step Up, Says Rodgers

The Packers' defense has been solid for most of the season but allowed Kirk Cousins and the Vikings to put up 34 points on them.

For Rodgers, the offense needs to get off to a better start and not hope their defense always keeps them in the game:

"Our defense has been playing so good, some days have to outscore teams that get hot on offense," Rodgers said, as quoted by ESPN. "We had an opportunity to score 40 points today, and when you're playing an offense that's hot, that has a hot quarterback, and stud receivers and a stud back, you gotta keep scoring. (..) But I think for us personally on offense, we gotta start faster. We gotta score touchdowns on those opening plays, so I know Matt will be looking at that this week and dial-up some good stuff for L.A."

The Packers Are Still Big-Time Favorites

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The Packers will now head back home for a must-win game against Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams before their bye week.

They're still in sole control of the NFC North division and will meet the Bears, Vikings, and Lions one more time before the end of the regular season, so it's not time to sound off the alarms just yet.

But they'll need Rodgers to be healthy and ready to go for the remainder of the season if they want to stand a chance, as Jordan Love proved to be far from ready to lead the offense in his start against the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago.