'World's Most Beautiful Girl' Thylane Blondeau Stuns In Skimpy Starbucks Snaps

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Rebecca Cukier

Thylane Blondeau, the world's "most beautiful" girl, just keeps on proving why she's been carrying around her famous nickname since childhood. The 20-year-old French model, fresh from a candid reveal over a painful ovarian cyst surgery reveal, has been sharing new photos from her recent appearance for Italian brand Miu Miu, but it wasn't just clothing Blondeau shared to Instagram.

Posting with her trusty Starbucks, the Aix-en-Provence native shouted out her favorite beverage chain, and the pics are going down a storm with fans.

Fashion, But Make It Starbucks

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Scroll for the photos. Anyone following Thylane will know that she adores the 'Bux. While there aren't too many in Paris, France, Blondeau inevitably winds up at a Starbucks, where it's terrace coffees, generally iced.

This time indoors and opening with a stunning face shot as she wore her hair swept up into a bun, the No Smile clothing founder kicked off with no clue as to what she was wearing. A swipe right brought in the monochrome crop top and leather pants look, though.

See The Photos Below

Clutching a takeout Starbucks cup and eventually sipping from it with a green straw, Thylane showed off her model body in the chic and white-piped bralette, with subsequent snaps also peeping her rock-hard abs as she modeled the edgy Miu Miu ensemble while posing amid bric-a-brac, hairspray, and a bag from the luxury Italian designer.

Taking to her caption, Thylane wrote: "Pic and hair by @lauriezanolettihair make up by @aliandreeamakeup." Over 85,000 likes have been left. Swipe below for the gallery, scroll for more.

Revealing Ovarian Cyst Surgery

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Blondeau made headlines just last week for bravely revealing she'd undergone surgery for a painful ovarian cyst, one taking her to the E.R. after doctors made it sound like no big deal.

"This year I saw three different gynecologists, I’ve seen more than 4 radiology centers in Paris and all of them said the same thing, “don’t worry U have nothing it’s all in your head," the Cacharel face told her followers.

"4 days ago I went to the emergencies because my belly was hurting so Much I couldn’t handle it anymore and they said that everything was fine," she continued.

Sharing Post-Surgery Photos

Posting a gallery of selfies from the hospital, including goofy gown snaps and a photo of her post-op scar, the model said shed found a surgeon who finally took her seriously.

"The day after this I had this appointment with an amazing doctor ( O. Kadoch ) who directly saw that I had a kyste of 5,6 cm who was touching my ovary so he sent me to do an IRM and an hour after this , the doctor called me and ask me to go straight to the hospital to do an emergency operation," she detailed. All went well, and fans are sending the thumbs-up for the honest reveal.