Former 'Bachelor' Star Colton Underwood Dishes On Tia Booth During Reality Steve's Podcast

Cheryl Phillips

Colton Underwood had plenty to say about The Bachelor franchise during Reality Steve's latest podcast, including new information about his relationship with Tia Booth. The two-hour interview was set to drop on Thursday, but an audio teaser was released on Twitter late Wednesday night, creating quite a buzz among fans.

Earlier in the week, blogger Reality Steve tweeted that he had just recorded a two-hour podcast, noting that he "found out something" that involved the show's producers. Known for his Bachelor and Bachelorette spoilers, he then confirmed Colton was his guest and released the two-minute teaser just hours before the full episode was expected to drop.

While the teaser gives only short clips from their conversation, it's enough to piece together that producers may have had some influence over Colton's departure from Paradise that left Tia broken-hearted.

He then said she had been "dragged along" when clearly Colton knew Paradise was a stepping stone for him to become the franchise's next leading man. He mentions that's when he started having anxiety.

In addition to information about his relationship with Tia, Colton also talks about his ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph. The couple announced their breakup in May, and it didn't go as smoothly as expected.

After Cassie appeared on a recent episode of the franchise's new spinoff, The Greatest Seasons Ever, Colton called her out for breaking their agreement not to talk about their breakup. According to People, she fired back and called her ex out for trying to "monetize" their former relationship.

Towards the end of the clip, Colton mentions he had to defend himself when asked about the rumors he is gay. It continued with brief sound bites, including one where mentions he "loves the girl dearly" — who he is talking about is not clear, but fans will find out as soon as the full episode is released on August 13.

"Who is he talking about at the end? TB? Because I will so ship that!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Stop the tease, I am ready to listen to the whole thing right now!" another person commented.

Fans seemed to be focused on the background noise in the recording, but there were plenty of people anxiously waiting to hear everything that Colton had to say.