Jason Momoa Wows Fans With New Shirtless Pics Showing Him Soaking Wet & Covered In Dirt

Madison Lennon

Hollywood heartthrob Jason Momoa wowed his fans with a new series of photographs uploaded to his Instagram yesterday that showed him shirtless and getting hosed down with water. A few pics also showed him caked with dirt while wearing a revealing tank top and showcasing his glorious muscles.

Based on Jason's caption, it seemed like the images were from his time on the set of his upcoming film, Dune. He joked that he was enjoying being hosed down "like a pig in sh*t."

He then added that he had a fantastic day and wanted to get a "dune buggy."

The 41-year-old also tagged Schaeffer's Garment Hotel in his caption.

Jason looked like he was photographed mid-laugh in the first picture, as his smile was wide and his body was angled toward the hose as a crew member reached out to spritz him down. The actor was not wearing a mask, but the other man in the image did have his face protected. It appeared that they were filming in a barren area or a desert as there were many sandy hills and dunes visible in the background.

Since he was topless, Jason's fit figure was on display, including his bulging pectorals and biceps.

In the second snap, his soaking wet hair fell like a curtain across his face, but his grin was still visible from between his long dark locks. Again, he did not wear a shirt, but it was evident that his pants had become extremely dirty from whatever he had been doing before the photos were taken. What appeared to be a cow walked by in the background.

Jason seemed to have been dancing in the third image. He wore a dark brown tank top and sunglasses while balancing on the tire of a buggy. The final photograph looked like it was taken before he was hosed down since he was coated in dirt and dust from head to toe and still wearing a tank top. He pushed his sunglasses to the crown of his head and gazed at the ground while being photographed. It looked like a candid shot.

Several fans raved that the former Game of Thrones star was one of the "sexiest" men alive and that they could not wait to see Dune in theaters.

"How do I get the job of the dude on the right???" joked one admirer.

"White jeans are a bold move," added another.