Video Shows Alleged Hazing That Left Daniel Santulli Disabled

Daniel Santulli surveillance video
youtube | ABC News

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Damir Mujezinovic

At an October 19 Phi Gamma Delta party, University of Missouri student Daniel Santulli was force-fed beer and an entire bottle of vodka.

The incident left the 19-year-old permanently disabled, blind, and unable to walk or communicate.

His family is now seeking answers, and a newly released surveillance video sheds some light on the disturbing case.

Horrific Video

The disturbing footage from the "pledge father reveal party" Santulli attended shows he was drinking a bottle of vodka while at the same time being forced-fed beer through a tube.

A couple of hours after consuming the alcohol, the teen fell backward and seemingly lost consciousness, as reported by The New York Post.

After falling, Santulli was carried into a different room and placed on a couch. The footage shows that he was unresponsive and struggled to move and then slipped onto the floor.

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After Santulli slipped onto the floor, his fraternity brothers frantically rushed to help and take him to a hospital. The video shows they dropped Santulli to the floor as they carried him.

Eventually, the teen was taken to a hospital.

His blood-alcohol content was found to be 0.486 percent, which is more than six times the legal driving limit, per NBC News.

Santulli was resuscitated and placed on a ventilator. He survived but remains blind, unable to walk or communicate.

Family Speaks Out

Daniel Santulli's family
youtube | ABC News

Members of the Santulli believe Daniel's frat brothers could have done more to save his life.

"Just the fact that nobody... They knew he was in distress and his lips were blue and nobody called 911. It’s like, I don’t know, I mean a 6-year-old calls 911," Daniel's mom Mary said.

"He’s still not talking or walking, he’s in a wheelchair … he lost his vision, but he hears us and he knows we’re there," she added.

Dad Tom said he is "100 percent" sure Daniel was hazed and called for felony charges against those involved in the incident.

Brother Nick said the image of his brother in the ICU "will probably never leave my head."

"I saw Danny in the medical ICU at the hospital at Mizzou. And it’s just a bunch of tubes everywhere," he said.


The Santulli family last week named Alec Wetzler and Samuel Gandhi as defendants in a civil lawsuit -- the lawsuit was originally filed against 22 students and the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, but settled last month.

Though the terms of the settlement were not revealed to the public, the Santulli family revealed Wetzler and Gandhi as additional defendants because of the newly-released surveillance footage.

Both the University of Missouri and Phi Gamma Delta International shut down the chapter after the incident that left Santulli disabled.