Constance Nunes In Bikini Enjoys 'Late Night Cruise'

Constance Nunes selfie
instagram | Constance Nunes

Ashabi Azeez

Constance Nunes is a very attractive woman with a drop-dead gorgeous figure. She has been using her hot and sexy looks to model at car trade shows in her spare time. The stunning model always shared her enchanting looks with her 1 million Instagram fans. She shared another look while enjoying a late-night cruise in a bikini. 

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'Late Night Cruise'

The reality TV star has been giving fans sensational views of her enticing bikini figure. She uploaded another bikini picture while she enjoyed a late-night cruise. Everyone knows about Constance's love for cars. She wore a black two-piece bikini, giving a sexy pose sitting on the burner of a black car while holding a rock star energy drink.

The itty-bitty bikini with tiny high waist strings heightened her gorgeous figure. She paired her bikini outfit with black ankle boots. The next slide showed her sitting in the driver's seat, looking all chic and fascinating. 

Bikini Curves

The model gave an intriguing display in another post. Constance's gorgeous figure always made any bikini she wore look like it was made specifically for her. Posing in a desert, the fashionista slew a white two-piece bikini with matching boots.

The bikini gave a clear view of her cleavage and intriguing waistline. To fully complete her look, she threw on denim which made her look more like a raunchy cowgirl. A lot of fans could not get over her sultry look.

Fun Facts About Constance. 

Constance is not just a pretty face, she was way more than that. She was the only woman in the garage in the Netflix series, Car Masters: Rust to Riches. She showed how talented she is by putting those experiences gained over the years in the automobile industry. The Netflix star has also worked in the industry service department for major brands.

Although she was a full-time mechanic when she was not working in cars, appearing as a model was the next on her list. The professional car builder liked muscle cars, fords, and

mustangs. Though the Netflix series was her first debut, it was not her first time on TV. She did stunts in Dodgeball and several Bring It On films. She has also appeared in various music videos. 

Being A Woman In The Automobile Industry. 

The automobile industry is mostly known to be male-dominated. While discussing her career in the industry, Nunes pointed out some facts when asked if she saw herself as a trailblazer,

" You know, I think that there are a lot of women in the auto industry… I just am fortunate enough to do it on a really big platform… not that I'm a trailblazer, but like I'm a representative".

She has gained respect from her fellow mechanics at Gotham Garage for her hard work.