Kendall Jenner Stuns In Red Sundress

Close up of Kendall Jenner in a chiffon Ivory dress
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Kendall Jenner is in the entire summer spirit, and her latest bright-colored sundress proves it. The model shared a now-expired video on her Instagram story showing her luminous skin in the Ciao Lucia sundress. However, she's been quiet lately on her main feed except for her business-related content - the 26-year-old reserves her stories and highlights for more intimate details.

Unfortunately, Kendall's videos are often controversial because of her social status as people tend to amplify her "mistakes" and "successes." The model's cucumber-cutting skills met with harsh criticism in one such post.

Out And About L.A.

Kenndall Jenner close up
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Before struggling to prepare a meal, Kendall shared this picture on her Instagram story showing her in a tomato red sundress with thin straps falling off her shoulder. She accessorized the outfit lightly with a thin gold necklace and dark brown sunglasses, and her hair is noticeable back to its natural dark brown color with blonde highlights.

The number one fan page for curating her wardrobe, Kendall Jenner Closet, posted stills of the story alongside brand names and represents, leading fans to start a debate in the comment section. One of the users said she ruins her outfits with her wide-framed sunglasses, while another thought it was a nice accessory.

Kendall's Funny Cucumber Cut

Hitz Sara Wak reposted the video of Kendall cutting her cucumber oddly (her right-hand slices the fruit from behind while her left-hand holds it in place) that sparked a conversation on the internet. People expressed shock and disdain over her cutting style calling the supermodel out for her privileged life. In their opinion, Kendall's cucumber-cutting style lacks basic life skills due to receiving services all her life.

Forever A Trendsetter

Her cooking skills may be lacking, but Kendall Jenner's style remains impeccable. The model wore a colorful Vintage dress during the Kardashian-Jenner's Easter celebration last month. The maxi dress had an asymmetrical hemline grazing her ankle and flaunting her new favorite footwear - black thong wedge slippers. She got into the Summer mood long before the weather turned warmer, leading a shift in fashion amongst her pairs.

Is Kendall Into Astrology?

Surprisingly, Kendall's recent Instagram share revealed that the model is into astrology. She shared a beautiful picture of a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio (her birth sign because she's born in November.) Star Sign Style submits that she's an Aries rising based on her birth time and says it's one of the reasons she's a private person.