Kaia Gerber Shows Off Broken Bone In Bikini

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Kaia Gerber suffered a painful injury towards the start of the pandemic, and she made sure her Instagram followers knew about it. The 20-year-old model and daughter to Cindy Crawford made May 2020 headlines for dislocating her wrist, telling fans she'd had a "little accident" and even showing off her cast while in a bikini.

Posting while reading in a swimming pool, but keeping her cast dry, the YSL Beauty face shared how life was going for her after having "broken" her wrist - check it out below.

A 'Little Accident'

Kaia Gerber in leggings
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Scroll for the photo. Kaia revealed she'd received an X-ray for the incident, one leaving her in the blue cast. "I actually broke my wrist yesterday. I was in a little bit of an accident, thankfully I am okay," the model told her fans.

The snap showed the leggy star soaking up rays and snuggled up with an e-reader while in a tiny string bikini and at the edge of a pool. Kaia was resting her arm on a poolside pillow, keeping it well away from the water and seemingly focusing on her book. Of course, with the killer model body and tan on show, there was plenty to eye up beyond the cast.

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Taking to her caption, Kaia wrote:

"For book club this week we’re doing play it as it lays by joan didion! found the perfect book stand and couldn’t put it down. i have already started another book by her 💔 there will be SO much to talk about on friday with a very special guest who advocates for us women with such passion @emrata !! go read the book, bring questions, and we will see you friday at 5pm PST."

A like was quickly left by fellow book lover and bikini queen, model Emily Ratajkowski.

Books Keep Her Grounded

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Gerber has opened up on the important role books have played for her over COVID. The Celine face, who made early COVID headlines for giving herself a tattoo in quarantine, has stated:

“I had this realization of ‘What would I be doing right now if I didn’t have books? They’ve been keeping me super grounded as I’ve been staying inside, so I thought while people are feeling isolated, it’d be a good idea to try to get everyone together for a common purpose.”

Instagram Book Club

Kaia's post was, of course, driving fans to her popular Instagram book club. For more, give her account a follow.