Becky Lynch Suffers Fractured Larynx In WWE House Show Match

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Chris Woolridge

Becky Lynch was forced to miss WWE Raw this week due to an injury.

Becky Lynch Injured In Match Against Bianca Belair

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Becky Lynch wrestled a pair of WWE live events over the weekend. First, she successfully defended her title at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. She then traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania for a show on Sunday where she would defend her championship against Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat match. During the match on Sunday, Lynch suffered a fractured larynx (voice box). Lynch took to social media to announce she would not be on Raw the following night.

“Unfortunately I will not be at #WWERaw tonight. Not only did Bianca whip me mercilessly with the illegal weapon that is her hair last week, but last night in the main event of #WWEAllentown she tried to take away my biggest weapon, the spoken word, by fracturing my voice box.”

Scroll down to reveal how long Lynch is expected to be out of action.

Becky Lynch Not Expected To Miss WrestleMania

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Although such an injury can be potentially quite serious, Lynch is not expected to miss much time. She will not have to miss WrestleMania 38 next month where she is scheduled to defend her title against Bianca Belair in a singles match.

The word going around is that Lynch is expected to miss about two weeks. While she'll miss some of the build-up to WrestleMania, she will not miss the show itself.

Lynch posted a video message to Belair on social media following her release from the hospital. Scroll down to reveal what she said.

Becky Lynch Says No Fractured Voice Box Will Prevent Her From Facing Bianca Belair

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A rather grizzly-voiced Becky Lynch took to social media following her release from the hospital. She sent a message to Bianca Belair, just letting her WrestleMania challenger know that no fracture is going to keep her from getting some revenge.

"Hours ago Bianca Belair hit me as hard as she could in the throat, fracturing my voice box. Hit me so hard that I was spitting blood all over the arena in Allentown. I made it here because I wanted to get my hands on Bianca Belair and when she heard I was coming she ran out of here," Lynch said.

Scroll down to learn how Lynch suffered a fractured voice box in a match against Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair Hits Becky Lynch With A Forearm To The Throat

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Footage of Becky Lynch suffering the injury was posted to Reddit recently. The video shows the moments just before Belair hit the KOD on Lynch. Belair delivered a forearm shot to Lynch to set the move up and it landed right on Lynch's throat. Lynch can be seen clutching her throat immediately after taking the strike.

This was just the latest injury that Lynch has suffered in her recent program with Belair. Scroll down to reveal the injuries she received as a result of an altercation with Belair from last week's Raw.

Becky Lynch Shows Off Battle Scars From Scuffle With Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch poses for photos at a media event.
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Following a 6-person tag team match on last week's Raw, Bianca Belair let Becky Lynch know first-hand just what her hair braid can do. Lynch had attempted to use Belair's braid against her throughout the match and Belair did not take too kindly to this. She whipped Lynch in the midsection several times with the braid. This left a series of marks on the Raw Womens' Champion's stomach.

Lynch then showed off her battle scars later on social media.