People Backstage 'Blown Away' By Becky Lynch Vs Lita Match

Becky Lynch holds up the Smackdown Women's Championship
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Chris Woolridge

Becky Lynch and Lita had one of the best matches of the night at the Elimination Chamber. This did not go unnoticed backstage.

Backstage Reaction To Becky Lynch Vs Lita

Lita poses for photos.
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Lita had her first championship match in WWE since 2006 at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. She looked like she hasn't lost a step either. According to a report from PW Insider, a number of people backstage were completely blown away by the match. In particular, Lita's performance after having been gone from the ring for so long was praised heavily. At 46-years-old, Lita proved she can still go and has what it takes for one last run in the company.

As for Becky Lynch, she now moves on to face Bianca Belair at WrestleMania in what should be a classic match between the two.

Scroll down to reveal what fans are saying about Becky Lynch vs Lita at the Elimination Chamber.

Fans Vote Becky Lynch Vs Lita The Best Match At Elimination Chamber

Becky Lynch points at a fan during a WWE live event
Shutterstock | 667657 polls fans on what they think of different matches. In total, fans didn't give the Elimination Chamber PPV a very high score. They did rank Lita vs Becky Lynch as the best match of the night, however. Not bad considering one person involved hadn't had a real singles match in over 15 years.

Becky Lynch vs Lita earned a score of 6.30 out of a possible 10 based on 142 votes. The next highest-ranked match on the show was the women's Elimination Chamber match, which scored a 5.71 out of a possible 10 based on 149 fan votes.

WWE also is reportedly pleased with how women's matches are being presented on their shows from Saudi Arabia in general. Scroll down to learn more.

WWE Pleased With Presentation Of Women's Matches In Saudi Arabia

Becky Lynch makes her ring entrance in Saudi Arabia

Of the 8 matches that took place at the Elimination Chamber PPV in Saudi Arabia, 3 of them involved women. While initially there was no women's wrestling on WWE's shows from the country, 12 female athletes performed on the event this weekend.

According to a report from PW Insider, WWE officials are "amazed" at how well the women's matches are being presented from Saudi Arabia recently. Special gear was made for each athlete as opposed to performers wearing oversized t-shirts. Fans gave Lita one of the biggest ovations of the night as well, showing that the live crowd likes what they are seeing from the women's matches.

The finish to the women's Elimination Chamber match was reportedly changed from what was originally planned. Scroll down to reveal more.

Finish To Women's Elimination Chamber Match Changed

WWE's Elimination Chamber Structure
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The finish of the women's Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia was originally going to involve a double-pin scenario with Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss. This was Bliss' first match back since September and WWE officials wanted to keep her looking strong.

According to PW Insider, the original idea had Belair and Bliss covering each other and both being pinned at the same time. At the very last second, Belair was to get her shoulder up, earning her the victory. Instead, the finish was changed to just have Belair give Bliss her finisher and get the 1-2-3.

Bliss broke character following the Elimination Chamber match as well. Scroll down to reveal what she did.

Alexa Bliss Breaks Character Following The Elimination Chamber

Alexa Bliss poses for photos at a WWE media event
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Alexa Bliss' character is a little morbid and wacky these days. Her character is something of a Chucky meets the Fiend gimmick. Following the Elimination Chamber, however, Bliss was overwhelmed with the positive response to her return. She broke character on social media and posted a thank you to the fans.