Becky Lynch Says Lita Was Her Teenage Idol Ahead Of Elimination Chamber Clash

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At Elimination Chamber, Becky Lynch will defend the RAW Women's Championship against her teenage idol, Lita.

Becky Lynch Calls Match With Lita 'Unfathomable'

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Without Lita, Becky Lynch may never have become "The Man", she may never have won the first-ever all-female WrestleMania main event. In fact, she may never have even entered into sports entertainment at all. During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Lynch admitted that Lita was her idol growing up.

“Lita was my teenage idol,” Lynch told Yahoo Sports. “If you told me back then that in 22 years I would be facing her — as I walked around in my baggy pants with the top of my [underwear] out and my dyed red hair — I would have lost my mind. In my first match I was doing Lita-canranas. To know that I will be facing her for the Raw women’s championship, the same one she presented to us at WrestleMania 32, it’s something unfathomable.”

As for Lita, she seems just as excited about facing Lynch at Elimination Chamber. Scroll down to reveal what she has said about it.

Lita Compares Match With Becky Lynch To Rivalry With Trish Stratus

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Lita likened her upcoming match with Becky Lynch to her storied rivalry with Trish Stratus during a recent Zoom call with DAZN.

“I think because we are outspoken about having mutual respect for each other, in a different way I liken it very much to my rivalry with Trish (Stratus),” Lita said. “We had such a respect for each other that we always wanted to bring out the best in each other by being as good as we could be,” she continued. “I feel that with Becky.”

As much respect as these two have for each other, they are going to have to face each other in a match. Scroll down to reveal what Lynch said about having to destroy her childhood hero.

Becky Lynch Says She Has To Destroy Her Childhood Idol

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As much as Lynch is a fan of Lita and all that she accomplished throughout her career, she knows she must defeat her at the Elimination Chamber. This puts her in a conflicting situation. She recently spoke to the Bleacher Report about what she has to do at the Elimination Chamber this weekend.

"I have to destroy my childhood hero. This is an awful predicament that she's put me in. Now, I realize the gravity of it and the impact of it and what it means for me and for the future and for Lita, and it's huge, almost beyond my comprehension, that this is happening right now. If you told teenage me in 20 years that I'd be having a match for the Raw Women's Championship against Lita, I think I'd literally lose my mind. My head might explode."

Lynch also said recently, however, that there is a part of her that is insulted by Lita's challenge. Scroll down to reveal what she said.

Becky Lynch Says Part Of Her Is Insulted By Lita's Challenge

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Lynch is clearly going through mixed emotions regarding the match against Lita. She mentioned during an interview with Sport360 that while the teenage version of herself, and even her from a couple of years ago, would be thrilled to face Lita, there is part of her current self that feels insulted. Lynch says she's insulted that her childhood hero is trying to take away everything she has worked for.

“16-year-old Becky, 15 year-old Becky, 14 year-old Becky, even 33-year-old Becky would lose their minds at the prospects of this match. But, 35-year-old Becky is insulted. It is my childhood hero coming after everything I have worked for in my entire life and she is trying to take my title from me. I am very, very, mixed in my emotions right now.”

Despite Lita challenging Lynch for a title shot, she said recently that she is very proud of Becky. She is proud to have been her idol. Scroll down to reveal what Lita said.

Lita Proud To Have Played A Role In Shaping Becky Lynch

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Lita is well aware that she was Becky Lynch's idol growing up. This is something she sounds most proud of when discussing in interviews. She recently mentioned to the New York Post that this version of Becky Lynch is the one she's most proud to have had a hand in creating.

“This iteration of Becky Lynch is not the one I’m most proud of if I have any sort of hand in fostering this version of Becky Lynch,” Lita said.

All the love and respect will go out the window once that bell rings at the Elimination Chamber, however.