Kelly Ripa's Daughter Rocks Birthday Hat In Pool Towel

Close up of Kelly Ripa's face with dauhter Lola Consuelos
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Kelly Ripa shared a rare picture of her only daughter Lola Consuelos who's notoriously private. Except for compulsory appearances, the 20-year-old singer studied in New York City but maintained a low-key life away from media shenanigans. Once in a while, throwbacks of her younger self feature on her family's Instagram pages, and we get a glimpse at the ever-elusive Lola Consuelos.

Other times, Lola finds us worthy of a few snippets, so she posts hidden gems in slideshows. The only downside to that is the uncertainty of their extended stay - the singer changes her mind often and deletes the pictures or (our personal favorite) posts blurry images like the one in this post below.

Throwback From Mommy

Kelly Ripa in a black mini dress and Lola COnsuelos in a pink minidress
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Kelly shared a throwback of 3/5 of her family to commemorate Mark Consuelos' big 5-0. Lola and Joaquin flank their father in this post as they all smile into the camera. The tri spot party cones with Lola covering her body with a multicolored towel - evidence that she'd just stepped out of the pool or beach. Kelly captioned the picture, "MCM forever. Only one day left until #MC50 🎂♥️🎉. Another throwback from #MC47," referring to her husband as her Man Crush (on) Monday.

Privacy? Yes!

Close up of Lola Consuelos in a blue silk minidress
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Lola loves her privacy, and we understand her sentiments, considering her parents are Hollywood superstars. Anonymity isn't such a bad idea in the entertainment industry, but so is notoriety, and Lola Consuelos knows how to use both. She jokes about her poor online presence saying, "yes, I'm still on this app," on an Instagram photo dump.

If you look past the giant SUV in the cover photo, you can get to the hidden gems starting from frame two.

More Pictures Hidden In The Slideshow

Close up of Lola Grace Consuelos
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Lola stretches out on a large white water bed in a bottle green bathing suit. The 20-year-old laid face up, displaying her tanned, toned physique from a bird's eye view. Lola shield's her eyes with her hand as her black curl fall to her back.

In slide four, we get a closer look at the young lady since she shared a timestamped image of herself and a friend. Lola wears a long-sleeve sheer dress over a black and white mismatched bikini. Even in her unbothered sitting position, you can't miss the curves on her hips and her tiny waist.

Showing Off Flexibility

Mark Consuelos and Lola Consuelos on the blue Carpet
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Lola's photo slideshow continues into a half-shot of her upper body showing the 20-year-old smiling. You can see the colorful striped strap of her bathing suit and bare cleavage but nothing more. That's okay, though, since we get her pretty smile in exchange.

Lola flaunts her flexibility in one post, raising her legs in a half crunch. Then, an unseen partner mirrors her pose by touching her feet to Lola's in a triangle, and they link hands to form an "A."