Gymnast Nastia Liukin Ups Her Game In Backless Bodysuit

Nastia Liukin
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Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is proving it's worth being better "in real life" than on social media. The five-time Olympic medalist and fashionista has been making 2022 headlines galore for her Mexico bikinis, but it was a throwback vibe in her Monday Instagram share. Posting for her 1.1 million followers, the 2008 all-around champion shared a photo fans might remember, and it came with a backless bodysuit look and a killer attitude.

Check out the photo, plus Nastia's best below.

Be Better 'In Real Life'

Nastia Liukin in shorts dress
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Scroll for the photo. It showed Nastia perched on a tan stool and shot inside a studio. The Moscow native was stunning with her famous figure on show, highlighting her super-toned legs as she also showed off some back muscle.

Liukin wore a long-sleeved and rather cheeky black bodysuit, one also bringing out her golden tan as she rocked her long blonde hair down. Nastia had made late 2021 headlines for switching things up and going dark-haired. Tagging herself home in Dallas, TX, the gymnast wrote: "Be better in real life than on social media." More after the photo.


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Nastia gained over 14,000 likes in a day, also catching a like from Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney. "I just need real life filters and I'm set," one fan replied. "Yassss....Amen," another said. Nastia quickly followed her post with a cute shorts selfie as she announced she'll be traveling again - this time, to Ireland. "Heading to Dublin next week," she told fans, then asking for tips on what to do.

Real life for Nastia comes multi-faceted. The sneaker designer, who has a sell-out collab with APL, also dabbles in skincare via her Volition range. She's also not forgotten her past.

Odds Were Against Her?

Nastia Liukin
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Speaking to Forbes in 2020, Liukin revealed:

“My entire career, I wasn't the standard gymnast type. I was taller, lankier, skinnier, didn't really have the muscle or the quickness or the speed or the power that you're really supposed to have. Yet I became an Olympic all-around gold medalist. A lot of odds were against me going in to the Olympics, and I wasn't the favorite to win. But those lessons taught me so much.”

Same Deal For 22 Years

It was after her retirement that Nastia also opened up on keeping up her gymnast body after having quit the beam. Speaking to The Cut, the blonde dished on her current setup, stating:

"I followed a strict plan for 22 years," adding: "Some days that’s just getting in 20 minutes of some kind of workout, maybe it’s in my hotel room or my apartment or going for a quick jog."